Know that the Lord works wonders for his faithful one; the Lord hears when I call out to him
Psalm 4:4

This week, I am going to talk about prayer and different ways I pray throughout my day. When I think about prayer, I picture myself or someone sitting in a chair, in silence, praying to themselves. However, you and I both know prayers can be said at any time, in any environment. Prayer can be silent, said out loud, at church, through music and various other ways.  Before I moved to Celina, I had a 30-minute drive to work and from work each day, so I had an hour of driving to myself to either listen to music, think about my day or pray! Most of the mornings, I would choose to pray which really set a positive tone for my day. Not going to lie, but I kind of miss this drive, but I do have more time now to spend praying in the comfort of my own place. I’ve even started my bible study I’ve been trying to start since August!  However, I have also started incorporating prayer into my whole day, I wake up and say a few prayers, I say a few throughout the day when I have to do things I don’t want to do and I pray before I go to bed. Sounds pretty routine right? Well, wrong. I tend to get very lazy when it comes to prayer. For weeks I can be so good about praying through the day, but then I tend to get so caught up in work or my own life and trying to figure things out for myself that I forget to pray. I forget to pray to the one who has given me this life and everything I have. Prayer for me can also get very repetitive and sometimes I get bored, I really hate to admit that, but I do get tired of it. I feel like I am always asking for the same things or thanking him for the same things, but in all honesty, that’s truly what God wants. When I pray, I try to sit in silence and just kind of stare at the floor….or the wall. It wasn’t until recently that I started to appreciate the silence, God speaks to us in the silence without interruption from the world or our own thoughts. I have also started to look at a picture of Jesus when I pray, I feel like I am talking to him and having a conversation, which helps me keep my focus on prayer instead of letting my mind wonder. The first time I did this, I looked at the crucifix hanging over my door. My prayers started out as thanking him for all he has given me, thanking him for my job, family, friends and for dying for my sins. Usually after I thank Jesus for everything, I start to ask him to make some changes in my life and to just give me guidance. A lot of the times, I almost start to complain about the things in my life that are hard or not changing, but I could not bring myself to complain that evening. I was looking at Jesus, hanging on the cross, giving the ultimate sacrifice. How could I sit there and complain about my problems and wanting things to change when they are so small and temporary. Jesus died for my sins, he laid his life down for me, it wasn’t easy, it wasn’t comfortable so why should I expect my life to be comfortable and easy? God never promised us an easy life, because we are not meant for this world. We are made for heaven.  So I encourage everyone to take some time out of your day to pray, whether it be 5 minutes or 20, give some of your time to him.

For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. Mark 10:45

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