Divine Revelation….what?


img_3357The Lord is good to those who wait for him Nahum 1:7

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity again to go with Kelsey to her RCIA class. The topic was divine revelation, which is how God reveals himself to us. Ok, so I’ve heard of this, but didn’t fully understand what it meant until Tuesday. Fr. Vince had us all come up with different examples of divine revelation. We said things like God answering our prayers, hugs, people in our lives, signs from him and the beauty of nature. All of these are correct, which had me thinking about my life recently.

So divine revelation is how God shows himself to me, ok cool, which also means he is seeking me, which is even cooler! I want you to think about this for awhile and think about the different ways God reveals himself to you. For me it’s through the people in my life, signs and how I see him working in my life as I look back. When I look back on the past few years, even the past 11 months, I can see God working out his plan for me in the different things that have happened in my life. A year ago, I was doing my internship at the Tiffin YMCA, now I am a Program Director at my local YMCA. A few months ago, I was able to buy a car, pay my loans at a reasonable rate (private schools are EXPENSIVE), and move out. I’ve recently been struggling with knowing though what God’s plan for me really is. There have been some changes at my job that have made it tough to stick through, but after a lot of prayer, God has shown me that I am right where I need to be and how AWESOME it is to work for the YMCA. But….there is still one minor detail that hasn’t been worked out….I have a great job, awesome friends, a deeper connection than ever with God…but where is the person I’m supposed to marry?! As most of you know, I want nothing more than to have a family and share my life with someone. I want to help him get to heaven and our future kids get to heaven. I want a family, a shared life with a good Catholic man, and I feel, after prayer, that my vocation is to be married. But…where is he? Why hasn’t God led me to him yet? Or has he? Why have I been on dates with very promising guys, but they always end because new things came up or they decided things were not going to work out? Why do I question God when he doesn’t answer my prayers? Maybe, just maybe, he knows exactly when all these questions and prayers will be answered. I’ve recently been thinking about this a lot, wondering what is taking so long and why I have to wait. It sucks, if I am being honest, and those who are in my shoes or have been in my shoes, know this too. But, I know God will get me through this. I pray everyday for my future husband, and I pray that after each day, I am one day closer to meeting him. I have also recently been asking for a lot of signs from God. Like God, if you are going to make me wait, just please give me a sign that I am going in the right direction or wrong direction…the crazy thing is, I have been getting them…I think. That’s honestly the hardest thing about signs…are they really divine revelation or just me searching too deep into something? Or me thinking too hard about it? I talk to my friends all of the about these signs…they have to think I am crazy by now, but hey, I just want their honest opinion! After talking things over and after prayer, I think the signs do mean something, but I also know I shouldn’t read too much into it, because in the end God is in control, not me. He will lead me to where I need to be and lead me to the right places to meet the right people. I just need to remember to follow his timeline, not my own and look at all I have been able to do the past several years being single. I have had the opportunity to go to Haiti, start my blog, start a bible study, grow deeper in my faith and relationship with God, and teach religion. These are things that I may have done if I was in a serious relationship but accomplishing these things on my own by following God’s call made it all even better.

Now, I don’t want you to be reading this and think wow, this girl is super sad, single and just desperate….I promise you, 96% of the time, I am completely fine with where I am at in my journey, but sometimes it just hits ya like a brick wall for a week straight that you are not with someone. I think it’s the cold weather…so I’m going to blame it on that for now! But anyway, when things do get tough, I find God putting certain Instagram posts or quotes in front of me, as if he knew I would be looking at Instagram or Pinterest at that exact time. This week, I stumbled across a post by Beth Davis, who is a part of Blessed is She, and what she said really hit me. I will put a link to her Instagram at the bottom of the blog! But any way, here is a blurb from her post “ Every time it doesn’t work out with someone I hoped it would (finally) work out with, God reminds me, “Protection, not rejection”. Whether it’s a full blown breakup, another disappointing date, or a crush that goes unnoticed or unreciprocated, let’s decide to believe protection, not rejection. Because whatever it looks like, whoever its with, the Father is in it.” ……Wow, right? Kind of hits home, at least for me it did. I meet guys every now and then who I feel I would really get a long with and like to know better, but I am afraid to talk to them because of rejection or other pointless reasons. Now is that God protecting me, or me just being scared he will be like all the others? I met a guy at the beginning of the year who seemed perfect. We worked in buildings close to each other, we had a lot of things in common and by some grace of God he asked me on a date! But….it didn’t work out. So, protection, not rejection. Plus…not even sure if he was Catholic…soo God has a plan! Since then, I have not really met anyone else who has sparked my attention…maybe one but like I said, I am almost afraid to reach out to someone who I find perfect for me..but then again..who knows what God has in store with that! All I know is that all my worries and doubts, he has already worked out and has me on the path I am meant to be on. It might take me a little longer to get to certain points in life than I planned but it’s not about my timing. It’s about his. So this week I want you to think about how God has been working in your life and how he has been revealing himself to you. It can be as simple as nature or even your prayer being directly answered. Just think about how much God loves you and knows what’s best for you.

Everything is possible to one who has faith Mark 9:23

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